Our Mission & Vision

California First Responder Support Team (CFRST) is a 501c3 nonprofit association.

CFRST membership is open to anyone who desires to support first responders in California.

The mission of CFRST is to provide training, equipment and other needed services to volunteer, combination and small paid fire departments who cannot otherwise afford these services. In addition, CFRST will provide training for First responders experiencing PTSD.


Volunteer, combination and small paid fire departments frequently barely have enough revenue to keep the lights on. Things like training and new equipment to keep them safe are not even an option for these departments. Much of their equipment does not even meet the current standards.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs have proven their effectiveness time and again with people affected by trauma. CFRST is funding training for therapy dogs that will be going to large scale events and individual fire departments to help first responders in dealing with traumatic incidents.


Approximately 70% of the nation’s firefighters are volunteers. As a society we believe it is our duty to support those who risk their lives to serve their communities with little or no compensation.

Supports statewide programs to help all California youth discover the opportunities to begin a career in the fire service.

How you can help

CFRST accepts one-time donations, corporate and group donations, and offers association membership at 4 levels.