California First Responder Support Team (CFRST)

California State Firefighters’ Association has formed an affiliated 501c3 nonprofit charity, California First Responder Support Team (CFRST), dedicated to support California’s volunteer, combination and small paid fire departments.

The mission of CFRST is to provide training, equipment and other needed services to volunteer, combination and small paid fire departments. In addition to training and equipment, CFRST will provide support services for first responders experiencing PTSD.

“Often these smaller California fire departments barely have enough revenue to keep the lights on,” notes CFRST President Eddie Sell. “Things like training and new equipment to keep first responders safe are often not even an option for these departments. At CFRST we believe it is our duty to support those who risk their lives to serve their communities with little or no compensation.”

CFRST membership is open to all who have an interest in supporting our brave California first responders. CFRST accepts one-time donations, corporate and group donations, and offers individual memberships at several levels. For donation and membership information contact [email protected]

Board of Directors

President Eddie Sell
Vice President Greg Lloyd
Treasurer Ray Ramirez
Secretary Tom Carlisle
Executive Director Marty Creel


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Volunteer Fire Departments in California

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